ACC - Lube

Accu-Lube is a lubrication system that allows you to grease the bearings without removing the hubs. Superior to the bearing buddy, Accu-Lube greases from the bearing forward instead of front to back.Axle Hubface

Axle Hubface

The hub face is the measurement taken from the flat surface on the hub, where the studs come out of the casting, to the same surface on the other side of the axle.

Idler Axle

An Axle equipped with idler hubs instead of brake hubs.

Torsion Axle

(aka Equalizer Axle) Axle where spindles are attached to a trailing arm which rocks up and down during road shock. This movement is then transferred to a steel inner bar within the axle beam. Rubber cords then absorb the shock from the twisting inner bar. Leaf springs have high initial amplitude followed with many slowly diminishing oscillations, which means they return back to stability slowly. Torsion Axles, on the other hand, have the same initial amplitude, but have a quick return to stability.